Pairing Food and Wine

The process of pairing food dishes with wine is to enhance the dining experience. In many cultures the winemaking and culinary traditions of a region have evolved together over the years. Local cuisines were paired with local wines, without following a set of rules.

The modern “art” of food pairing is quite a recent phenomenon. The main concept behind food and wine pairings is that certain elements, such as flavour and texture, in food and wine will react differently to each other and by finding the right combination of those elements your dining experience will be more enjoyable.

Most food and wine experts believe that the basic element of food and wine pairing is to understand the balance between the weight of the food and the body of the wine. For example, a heavy, robust wine would overwhelm a light delicate dish while a light bodied wine would be overwhelmed by a spicy, full flavoured dish. By pairing wines with certain foods you can take into consideration how the flavour and texture of both can be accentuated or minimised.